Shadows of the Night.

When we close our eyes at night after a long day.
What we see are the shadows of what we did or what we could have done.
And the long sleep leads to a lullaby knowing that your soul and your body will rest.
But, when it does not?
When we try to close our eyes to sleep and this is not possible!
The shades of night becomes frightening and cruel.
No matter who you are.
Whether your destination or your past was something glorious for you.
They just come and make you so scared that you just close your eyes and cries silently.
As much as their fears and apprehensions to rob you sleep.
The shadows of the night make you see how you can be alone.
Hence, we appeal to the inevitable.
We descended the stairs in the dead of night.
And we move on to what has always guided him.
What gave you your entire life and devotion.
A pair of eyes that rocked their your world.
The smile that once made ​​you stop and admire his gestures.
Your arms are your warmth.
Your kisses are their hope.
And his voice, the sweetest melody that take you to dream.
The shadows of the night can not hurt you anymore.
And in your arms, you can have your peace.

I love you…..Kisses in your hearts….